by BrijeshKumar

I want to know which Apple's ipod has the best sound quality.
Currently i'm using Apple's ipod nano 6th generation. I want to replace my ipod. My only need is the best sound quality. I always use mp3 at 320 kbps with Klipsch Image X10i in-earphones. I just want to use a ipod with best sound quality. So, could you please help me here?

by Fanfoot

Will Apple kill the iPod Classic on Oct 4th?
The iPod classic is a bit of a dinosaur at this point, with its click wheel design, lack of touch screen etc. Yet its still the only way to get an iPod which can store all of your music if you have a large collection. With the focus on cloud storage in iOS 5 (even if you still have to download the music you want to listen to) will Apple kill the iPod Classic on Oct 4th? Or will they wait until there's a 128GB or larger iPod Touch before they do that?

by dotbeepdoot

What is the best stand alone MP3 player out there today?
I ask this only because it has been years since the iPod Classic line has been updated and I currently own a 160gb version.

For as "low tech" as it is now I still use it on a consistent basis due to its capacity and battery life.

I am now getting to the point where I have to delete old music to add new and I'd rather get a higher capacity model which Apple seems to not want to put out.

Is there ANYTHING out there that offers a pretty intuitive UI, battery life, and a considerably higher capacity??

by andrewkalies

What do YOU want to see from Apple this fall?
So, it's a well known fact that Apple holds an annual event roughly every September, usually to unveil the new line of iPods. This year, however, there is also speculation that since Apple skipped it's usual summer window of announcing a new iPhone that they will instead do it at this fall event as well. What do you think? Will we see the next iPhone? How will the new iPods look/change? What do you want to see from Apple this fall? Personally, I'd like to see a new iPhone with a larger display,... Read more →

by npercy

Best non-Ipod Media Player (for Music), over 32Gb
Mainly used for podcasts, but I wish for my music collections to be with me (along with video collections). As its used for podcasts I'd prefer to pull them down over my wifi without having to boot my computer. Also prefer it to be cheaper than the ipod (I dont mind having to add an SD card to bring it up, they are getting cheap these days) This will be replacing my 3rd ipod classic, everyone of which has died in the headphone socket. I've also had enough of slow loading Itunes on my PC.

by kris

Do you keep your iDevices long enough to develop "beautiful" wear?
Last month's Wired magazine had a short piece by Steven Levy regarding the Smart Cover on the iPad 2 and the somewhat contentious relationship Apple has with accessory makers, and how the Smart Cover kind of 1-ups them. http://www.wired.com/magazine/2011/05/pr_levy_smar... But what stuck out at me the most in this piece was this quote from Steve Jobs: “I think stainless steel looks beautiful when it wears.” What Steve is referring to there is generally known as patina, which, while it... Read more →

by avman9000

Syncing without iTunes
I have never been a fan of iTunes, so when I bought my iPod i decided I would sync it with Winamp or Media Monkey. Winamp monitors folders, but only on load or a set schedule. Media Monkey does it pretty much instantly. needless to say i chose Media Monkey, so far so good except... Media Monkey synced once, but will not add or update any new or modified music to my iPod. I have the 160gb classic black. My music library updates in Media Monkey properly, just not to the iPod. Has anyone else seen...

by mrinfamy

Pod classic refusing to play songs
Has anyone else had this issue? My iPod just flat-out refuses to play certain songs, and even certain whole albums. When I select one of these songs it just skips straight through to the end of the album. I've reformatted and restored many times (and it seems to take longer and longer to sync all my music back to it each time) and it gives more-or- less the same results.

by llsmith05

160GB click wheel issues
Does anyone else think the click wheel is just awful on this thing?? I had an old 40GB 3rd gen, and the wheel was awesome. Super sensitive, but not overly so. With this one, I find that sometimes it just can't tell my finger is on it. I'll sit there spinning my thumb on it for 5 seconds or more... Fast, slow, tapping it, shouting, stomping my feet - nothing! Then the screen goes dark, the menu times out, it flips back to the Now Playing screen, and OH! Now it senses my finger! But... Read more →

by KC

iPod Classic Hard Drive Issues
I got my 120GB iPod in November of 2008. Since then, I have had to swap it for a new one twice. Apple made the swap within days because the iPod is still under the warranty. The iPod would reboot when ejecting it from my Mac, would truncate songs and podcasts (cutting them mid-track and forcing me to listen to the shows over from the beginning), and it would reboot randomly. Occasionally, the reboot in some sort of 8-bit graphics mode! I told Apple that I was sure it was a hard drive problem,... Read more →