by frankspin

Is the end of MP3 players nigh?
It finally happened: Apple has killed off the iPod Classic [1]. There have been hundreds of different MP3 players over the years, but I think it's safe to say the iPod was the category defining product. As Wired put it in their requiem to the iPod [2], "In all likelihood we’re not just seeing the death of the iPod Classic, but the death of the dedicated portable music player." Sure we have Pono and those... Read more →

by frankspin

What was your first MP3 or portable media player?
My first was a Rio 500 back in 2000 with a whopping 64MB of storage space, expandable to 96MB. I had to use Rio's terrible software and often had to transcode files down to 92Kbps. From there I went in the following order: Apple iPod 4th Gen iRiver H10 Sandisk SDMX1 Sandisk Sansa e230

by fatleader

Rockbox Support.
I was really disappointed by the, well, "new" iPod classic, when I got it, since there is absolutely no way of getting Rockbox on the thing. When do you guys think there will be some development of Rockbox for the new generations of iPods?

by sarahbrault

Repeating Songs on Classic i-pod
I have about 2700 songs on my i-pod classic, but I keep getting repeats of my songs. In the Play Count, it shows 8-9-10 plays on some songs and zero on others. I want to hear ALL my songs not repeat a few all the time. What can I do to make that happen? What's the point of having that many songs if your i-pod won't play them? Thanks!

by WateryFire

Good Case
I am looking for a good case for my iPod classic, but I need one that will allow me to plug it into my alarm clock dock, all the silicon one that I have tried leave to much space between the iPod and the plug itself making for a bad connection. Thanks in advance

by SmoothMarx

How to remove your album artwork succesfully
I recently came upon a problem where all my artwork got mixed up for using one of those ipod -> pc softwares. The strange thing was that the big thumbnails (eg Cover Flow) were there, just the small ones (on list) were mixed up with others. I read some posts that people had the same problem and the only solution i came up with was selecting all my songs in the library, "get info" and check the box with the white album artwork. Unfortunately, this didn't solve my problem. So, I... Read more →

by hooges

Media Monkey support? Will it charge and dock? Worth the upgrade from a 5G?
My 60gb 5g device is completely full and really would like to upgrade to a bigger iPod. I am somewhat locked into an iPod b/c thats what my current car stereo (Alpine) supports. I almost NEVER listen to my iPod on headphones, its pretty much my car's media player and that's it, so yes this feature alone is important enough for me to keep an Apple product. That being said, i HATE HATE HATE itunes. Abandoning iTunes was probably the smartest tech thing I have ever done. I have been using... Read more →

by mk762009

ipod classic 120gb clickwheel issue
i just bought this ipod classic a few days ago; while i was using it i noticed a thin strand of copper wire coming out from the click wheel and now the wheel moves quite a lot (it's not properly in place now). i would have expected something like this to happen in a year's time, not 3 days after i buy the product. has n e one had issues like this ...what's the best thing 2 do thnx

by nicksilvestri

The Clickwheel is Boring!
The clickwheel has been in the iPods since the first generation iPod mini!! It is so outdated! Even the concept of a wheel has been around since the first gen iPod! They need to change SOMETHING about it, maybe just a little tweak. I remember seeing on MacRumors that they filed for a patent to make the entire clickwheel a touch-sensitive area, so people could use gestures and other things. That's what I'm talking about! Except I don't like just patents, I want to see it happen!

by cmusial

160 -> 120?
Is it just me, or is that going in the wrong direction? I'm one of the minority that Steve Jobs spoke about in his keynote. Apparently, the masses want less storage. Let's give it to 'em! Personally, I'm the dork who likes to walk around with as much of his music/media collection as his player can handle. Anyone else? Next iPod product launch: 320 GB classic. Mmmmm...