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Detailed review
I love my iPod it is probably the most used gadget in my house other than my computers. Since I use it the most it is probably the most scrutinized device that I own. I will list many of the good things but there are quite a few things that I really don't like about the device that I will list here mostly because I hope that someone may read this and think "Ya why don't they do that?"

The Good:
Huge hard drive based player makes it possible to hundreds of hours of Music, Audio Books, Videos, and podcasts.

The scroll wheel interface is quite intuitive and reliable.

The Good and bad:
You can use iTunes to organize your library of music and titles. iTunes is a great program with a really nice interface. Having said that I really don't like iTunes it runs really poorly on my Windows XP computer and there are many things about iTunes that you just don't know about till you spend a large amount of time online reading how to do things with it.

The Bad:

The user interface has had almost no updates since the 4th generation iPods. Now that it has so much hard-drive space the ability to search through the contents of the phone should have been improved.

My primary use of the iPod is for podcasts. I listen to them all of the time and I have a huge library of podcast on the iPod. However the options for controlling the playback is not included on the iPod. After listing to a podcast it would be nice to be able to remove it from the iPod from the iPod. Currently the only way to remove content off of the iPod it by sinking it with iTunes.

There is no way to sort the Podcast. By default the podcasts are listed newest to oldest. There is no way to swap the way they are sorted to be oldest to newest. You can listen to them from oldest to newest if you hit the play button from the podcast screen not from the list screen. However, it will always start with the oldest podcast regardless if you have listened to it or not. Some podcasts have many many files that are best when listened to from oldest to newest.

There is no way to change the video settings from the podcast menu you must exit the podcast menu and go to the video menu to change the settings then go back to the podcast menu. To watch your video podcast.

I have commented the most about the issues with podcasts but issues like the ones listed are all over the iPod classic. Apple could address all of these issues with a simple firmware upgrade. Why the don't fix them I don't know. It seems to me they are only focusing on the iPod touch and they wonder why the sales of the iPod classic has been going down.

I love this device I just wish its firmware would be updated so that it user interface was better. I think it has even more potential then its being given.