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  • Sound quality As with all Apple products, great great!
  • Video quality If you can watch videos on a small screen it is great good
  • Ease of use The click wheel is well refined and functional. Text based menus are not hard to understand good
  • Portability Not as thin as any of the newer iPods or similar devices, but still pocketable. so-so
  • Battery life Great when just playing music. Videos or games (all 4 of them) drained it fast good
  • Media support iTunes required for management, which is a downside to some. Lossless audio is a plus so-so
  • Capacity The only player on the market that supports over 100GB great!
Detailed review
Ah the iPod classic. I still recommend this to anyone with a large music library, or a library composed of lossless music.

Apple markets this using "One word. Capacity" and it is the nicest option to those requiring over 100GB of space. After many years of use, the click wheel has been perfectly refined and once you get used to it, getting to your music is an easy task.

It is a solid no-nonsense music player for those who do not need apps.