September 12th 2012 11:40 am


by refractured

iPhone 5's new lightning connector
What are your thoughts about Apple's switch to the lightning connector?
Essentially I think smaller is better and I'll likely only use it to charge my phone since i do have an Apple TV for Airplay. I also love that its reversible.
However, I can't help but be rubbed a little raw that Apple isn't including an adapter with at least the first batch of purchases. I'd wager for most early adopters, this is nowhere near close to their first i-device. We've got clock radios, car adapters, speaker docks... Read more →

by peter

My theory on why Apple changed the design of the iPod nano - to make room for a watch-like wearable device
If you look back it hasn't taken much for Apple to change the design of iPod nano -- it's taken on many different form-factors over the years -- but I have a hunch that Apple had a specific reason for turning away from the design of the last generation.
This is just a theory, but I suspect it could be that they intend to introduce some sort of watch-like wearable device next year, one that would sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (presumably over Bluetooth 4.0) and act as a secondary... Read more →

by roberto

Has Apple killed the Nano Watch?
With the introduction of the 7th generation Nano ( Apple has done away with its small, square predecessor, which had (literally) kickstarted a third-party market of watch bands designed for people who wanted to wear their Nano as a watch. Here is one example:
Now that a new Nano has returned to a form factor reminiscent of earlier generations, these third... Read more →

by GregorClegane

Nano or pebble
i like the bigger screen of the new nano,however it doesnt seem like it is running any of the ios version at all. The pebble is compatible with ios and android and is has similar display to ereaders which mean it wil be visible in direct sunlight. I havent seen a backlit screen yet that is not washed out in my florida sun.

by TgD

Welcome back iPod Nano
I have felt in the past like the iPod nano was Apple's playground. Always changing and never quite just right. They tried new things like convex curved glass screens, and small touchscreens. They had a recall on the first generations.
The outgoing generation was a real oddball, compared to the 5th generation before it. I felt as if the 6th gen was way too fitness based with it's tiny touchscreen and... Read more →