September 1st 2010 1:23 pm

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  • Sound quality In my opinion, the sound quality is vastly based on the headphones. However, the music does seem to be of a slightly lesser quality than my iPod Touch 2G. good
  • Video quality No comments
  • Ease of use I love the fact that a simple slide switches the Shuffle between off, songs in order by artist/album, and random (shuffle). Changing the song or volume is easy. great!
  • Portability The clip on the back of the iPod is very strong and surprisingly useful, and the unit itself feels absolutely weightless. great!
  • Battery life I charge my iPod Shuffle about once every two weeks, and use it at least half an hour every day. great!
  • Media support The Shuffle only supports media that is purely does not have a screen. However, this conserves battery life, and brings the cost down, etc. so-so
  • Capacity Songs are much bigger files than they used to be...high quality audio is twice the file size of regular quality. It fills up quickly. so-so
Detailed review
The greatest aspect of the iPod Shuffle is not the branding, although I am a self-confessed Apple addict. The design is simply superior, in my opinion. Sure, there are cheaper MP3 players with greater functionality (a small screen to see album artwork, videos, etc.) but they are simply not as portable and aesthetically pleasing. My iPod Shuffle, since September 2010 when this generation debuted, has been dropped unfortunately frequently, borrowed by friends, and other things, but I am confident it will continue going strong for years to come.