September 1st 2010 1:32 pm

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by BrijeshKumar

I want to know which Apple's ipod has the best sound quality.
Currently i'm using Apple's ipod nano 6th generation. I want to replace my ipod. My only need is the best sound quality. I always use mp3 at 320 kbps with Klipsch Image X10i in-earphones. I just want to use a ipod with best sound quality. So, could you please help me here?

by lookitsron

Happy with the camera?
I'm waiting for the next iPhone and the end to my current 2 year contract but I want an 3.5" iOS device. So I'm looking at getting my hands on a Touch. My biggest concern is the camera. But I'm not looking to print the photos; mostly would like to keep them on the iPod or share on Facebook. You think I'll be happy with the camera?

by hughesypf

What Android phones would be a sufficient Ipod Touch replacement?
I have recently decided to try an Android phone instead of getting a new Ipod touch. I want it mainly for apps, media, internet browsing and games.
So it needs to have:
- Touchscreen (3 + inches)
- Probably Gingerbread (or Icecream sandwich upgradable)
- Duel core processor?
- Lots of storage or external storage options
- A clean, un-compromised Android UI (no intrusive fancy masking things)
- Not too many buttons, no Qwerty keyboard, clean touchscreen design
- Doesn't necessarily have to be a phone,... Read more →

by JasonTsay

What is taking up "Other" space on my iPhone?
I haven't really cared much about the free space on my iPhone until it hit 0 bytes today and my phone gave me warning. The quickest thing for me to do was to delete a large game but when I connected to my computer, I noticed that a "Other" bar was consuming 2.5 GB of my iPhone's 13.57 GB. Does anyone know what is stored in this "Other" section? I don't think it's the OS and it definitely isn't temporary data in Safari. I've emptied the trash folder in my email and cleared all data from Safari...

by Hans6119

White iPod Touch or Kindle Fire???
I currently have a Verizon iPhone 4 and a Verizon iPad 2. I have just received a gift card for $100 off a white iPod touch or Kindle Fire from because i signed up for for 12 months. I'm wondering on which one I should spend my money. They both cost the same, and I'm leaning towards the fire, but I keep thinking about how invested I am into the apple ecosystem. Any recommendations???

by connorg

How do you sync podcasts on your iOS devices?
I'm loving iTunes Match but one thing it doesn't handle is podcasts. As someone with a half- to one-hour commute each way every day, I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I'm still stuck with an old fashioned iTunes sync as my primary way of downloading and syncing podcasts. Any better suggestions?

Edit: alright, it looks like it's between Instacast and Downcast. Anyone used both? Instacast seems to be more popular but the most recent version has gotten a lot of bad reviews on iTunes...