by timchoi89

Why is pinning music in Google Play Music for iOS so so so SLOW?
I have an iPod Touch 5th Gen with Google Play Music installed. Since the iPod Touch is wifi only I have to make sure that my music on it is downloaded so I can play them in the car when going on trips. Do any of y'all experience really slow pinning on GPM for iOS? If so, do you know a solution?
Also, just some BG info before someone suggest I stream on my phone, I do use GPM on my Android phone but 3G is useless travelling in regional middle of nowhere Queensland Australia. I'd also rather use...

by BrijeshKumar

I want to know which Apple's ipod has the best sound quality.
Currently i'm using Apple's ipod nano 6th generation. I want to replace my ipod. My only need is the best sound quality. I always use mp3 at 320 kbps with Klipsch Image X10i in-earphones. I just want to use a ipod with best sound quality. So, could you please help me here?

by gokulsri

Is there any chance of new ipod touch 6th generation to be released?
What i think is since the release of very 1st generation ipod touch, each and every next generations are being released on consistent years. By keeping this info , i calculate that the new ipod touch 6th generation release date will be somewhere in coming september. Is my calculations are wrong? Or Suggest me that when will be the releasing of new ipod touch 6th generation because i intend to buy an ipod touch for 3 months. If anything new is released i will go for it. Please do answer for my...

by timchoi89

How can I get my iPod Touch and iPad to consistently connect wirelessly to iTunes and sync or use the remote app?
Basically, 90% of the time, my iPod Touch and iPad don't connect to iTunes wirelessly leaving me having to sync with cords or having a dropped connection almost every time I try to sync wirelessly. I've set my iPod, iPad, and laptop to have static IPs hoping that that would work but it's not. Any help would be appreciated.

by baileylo

Are iPods over priced?
$299 seems a little over the top when compared with what other gadgets and gizmos can be purchased in that price range.

If somebody asked me, "Hey Logan, you can have an iPod Touch or a Nexus 7 and $60. What do you want?". I'd say Nexus 7 and the cash every single time.

Even if they're not over priced; who exactly is buying these?

by TgD

Do you trust "the loop"?
So I just got my new iPod touch 5th generation and have basically just unboxed it. After putting on the loop, I am not convinced this is secure enough to hold my new $400 investment (I went 64GB). It is easily installed AND removed. I want something thats a pain in the ass to get off.
With the lack of third party cases, my iPod will be naked for the first bit. (If you have suggestions I am all ears). I just don't think i...

by swhite237

Has anyone switched from the iPhone to the iPod Touch?
I'm thinking about selling my iPhone 4S and replacing it with a fourth generation iPod Touch. I would like a bigger screen, and I can't stand the glass back on the iPhone. Plus, I'm really thinking about living with my Pre Plus again for a few weeks, just to see how the community has stood the test of time, and getting rid of my iPhone would force me to really see what the Pre feels like after all this time away. I've carried my iPhone around with cellular data turned off to simulate the switch,... Read more →