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by marc

Kids want iPads this holiday season
According to a new Nielsen survey, the iPad is the most-wanted gift among kids aged 6-12, followed by the Wii U. Kids also want the iPod touch, iPhone, Kinect, and computers. What don't kids want? Non-smartphones, Surface tablets, and the Apple TV. Teens and adults also want iPads, though computers, smart TVs and non-iPad tablets are also high on their lists. What gear are you considering for the kids (and adults) on your gift list this holiday season?... Read more →

by TgD

The camera on the 5th generation iPod touch has truly impressed me. (image heavy post)
I know almost nothing about photography. You can talk to me about F-Stops and Aperture settings, but it will go in one ear and out the other ear. That is why I was the perfect person to test this out.
On a spontaneous trip to the mountains yesterday, I was without a good camera. (By good camera i mean a decent point and shoot, because I have never used a d-SLR) What I did have was my relatively new 5th gen iPod touch. This thing has a 5mp... Read more →

by sszorin

Not the best media player
What kind of a nonsense is to say that this is "the best media player" ? What "media" ? CD one ? DVD one ? DVD-A one ? [the best sound quality so far] Internet junk one ? How can you get a good sound out of a little thing that is flat like a pancake ? How can you get good chips and capacitors inside ? What kind of an amplifying circuit can fit inside this gizmo ? Not a good one. At the minimum this thing has to have the signal routed to an external portable amplifier before the quality of the... Read more →

by refractured

iPhone 5's new lightning connector
What are your thoughts about Apple's switch to the lightning connector?
Essentially I think smaller is better and I'll likely only use it to charge my phone since i do have an Apple TV for Airplay. I also love that its reversible.
However, I can't help but be rubbed a little raw that Apple isn't including an adapter with at least the first batch of purchases. I'd wager for most early adopters, this is nowhere near close to their first i-device. We've got clock radios, car adapters, speaker docks... Read more →

by marc

What do you think of the new iPod touch?
The latest iPod touch comes in five colors, shares the iPhone 5's 4-inch Retina display, and includes a 5-megapixel, panorama-capable camera, the Siri artificial-intelligence app, Apple's new EarPod headphones, and iOS 6. But at $299 and up, is this new iPod a touch too expensive?

What do you think?