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  • Sound quality The internal speaker inst very good, but its fine for occasional games or Siri. The Earpods actually sound fairly good, but not as good as higher end earphones. so-so
  • Video quality The 4 inch screen is great for video. It now has a 16:9 aspect ratio which Makes video and pictures just look awesome on this display. great!
  • Ease of use iOS's claim to fame is ease of use. You can just jump right in and get to everything easily. great!
  • Portability This thing is very thin and light. It is very pocketable, and it even has a wrist strap! great!
  • Battery life Video and Music won't drain much, but WiFi and heavy graphics games will. good
  • Media support It supports everything iTunes can, which is almost everything. good
  • Capacity At 32 or 64 GB, you can store lots of music, videos, and games on here. great!
Detailed review
This iPod touch is a HUGE improvement from the old one, and I want to tell you what makes this so much better.

The camera was a primary feature of the last iPod touch, and it was okay for Video, but horrendous for Pictures. This new camera, which is very similar to the iPad 3's camera, is much improved. It will take good pictures AND video!

The screen on the old iPod touch, while retina, was not very amazing, it had bad black levels, and bad viewing angles. This new display is EXACTLY the same display as the iPhone 5, even down to the oliophobic coating.

It is also much faster than the prior iPod touch, now matching, and at times slightly faster than, the iPhone 4S.

Finally, the new one has a loop and comes in colours!