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  • Sound quality Good in a quiet setting, but when there's more than a few people talking, you better have your earpods handy. so-so
  • Video quality The new 4-inch display no longer has the bars on the top and bottom of videos! #Fullscreen great!
  • Ease of use Between my Android phone and my iPod, I feel that Android is just a bit better at multitasking. good
  • Portability Very thin and superlight - plus the wrist loop! It's like i'm carrying around air. great!
  • Battery life No problems. Gets me through a day of minimal gameplay, lots of emails, and a few hours of music and video playback. great!
  • Media support Some file conversions may be necessary. good
  • Capacity I don't really use a lot of space on mine (about 10 GB's occupied as of writing), but then again, I am a heavy user of cloud services and streaming. great!
Detailed review
This device is a great contrast to my Android phone. Apple's App Store has a much better selection than Google Play's, so I primarily use my iPod as an entertainment device. I love how smoothly apps like Temple Run 2 and Infinity Blade run on a dual-core 1 GHz processor, thanks to the excellent engineering of iOS. I've never had any problems with battery life, but that's probably only because I switch between my phone and iPod throughout the day. For me, at least, there is plenty of storage on the device (comes in at about 27 GB formatted).The design of the new iPod is excellent. It's very thin and light, to the point which I have feel like I'm going to forget that it's in my pocket. The cameras are decent, and much better than what you'd get previously in the Touch line. It certainly won't replace a smartphone camera, but it won't disappoint either, especially with the FaceTime HD camera up front, for the occasional selfeeee. This is an outstanding device on almost every field, and makes a great media device or alternate to your phone to save battery.