October 23rd 2012 1:28 pm

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by johncolucci

How do I make my Mac Mini go faster?
HI! I have a Mac Mini that's less than a year old. I recently upgraded it to 16gb ram, and don't have a trove of files on the hard drive - most of it is in the cloud (and I use Google Drive desktop to sync). It just seems sluggish, and yet with my MacBook Air, which has 4gb RAM, somehow that seems faster. Maybe it's because of the SSD on the latter and not the former, but wondering if there are any other tricks and tips folks have to help? Thanks!

by IdoTDW

How good is it for iMovie? Should I wait for Haswell?
The model I'm most interested in is the $799 (Core i7 quad-core 2.3 GHz), plus the 1TB Fusion Drive option, and 8GB RAM (I'll add that later myself; Apple charges a fortune for that). How well will iMovie work on this machine? Will it lag, at all? I'm currently using a Late 2009 model with Intel Core 2 Duo, and it lags way too much.

How much of a difference will Haswell make for my needs? (Mostly video editing in iMovie.)

by nitehawk

Possibilities with mac mini
I've been holding out on buying a new personal laptop since 2007. I've used my work laptop (Thinkpad X220) when I need to at home, but there's still some things you never want to download or store on your work laptop. I've bought the 3rd gen iPad and use it in place of a laptop for basic browsing and love it overall. The main reason I've held out on a new laptop is that I want an iMac, MBA or MBP, but don't see myself investing the time using it to justify the price tag. (I also don't have a... Read more →