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  • Speed and features I can watch 1080p without any problems and that is all I need. good
  • Design and form factor Absolutely stunning design! great!
  • Expandability I changed the RAM myself in under a minute, anything else is a bit more complicated. good
  • Noise Dead silent. great!
  • Size and weight It's so small its hard to believe it's actually a computer. great!
  • Power consumption I haven't done any testing myself but according to Apple, this is a very power-efficient little computer. great!
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I use this as a PLEX player under my TV and it's absolutely fantastic. Small, beautiful and doesn't make a sound. For me it's perfect. I've upgraded the RAM from 2GB to 8GB and that made a real speed difference.
I went with the 599$ version and that is power enough for my media watching needs.

I highly recommend this if you need a media PC.
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