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  • Speed and features For what I am using it for, it has been the perfect machine. great!
  • Design and form factor No comments great!
  • Expandability While it has the basic expandability of a laptop (hard drive and RAM) rather than a desktop, it is good enough and was known going into the purchase. good
  • Noise I have mine in my bedroom on hooked up to the TV as a media server, cant hear a thing. great!
  • Size and weight No comments great!
  • Power consumption Have not had it long enough to judge, but I have it set for minimal idle use and with the TV being off most of the time, it is minimal. great!
Detailed review
I bought the Mini to be my AirPlay media server and iTunes computer. With over 500GB of iTunes music, apps, books, audiobooks and movies/TV I wanted a stand alone machine to manage everything. Since I am running in a Mac-only house and even have AirPlay on my main receiver, this ended up being the perfect piece of equipment. Within an hour of booting up and a single reboot after installing a system upgrade, everything was running and syncing wirelessly. Just like my other Apple products, this one just worked as expected without any trouble.