by nitehawk

Best storage device available under $200?
Just bought a 2012 retina Macbook pro. I love everything about it except that the hard drive size is about the same as my old laptop from 2007 (SSD will do that). I'm currently debating between these choices for upgrading my storage device from a 1TB WD My book from 2008 to one of these. I will be mainly storing photos, digital copies of blu rays and some music and home movies.
I don't travel that much, but when I travel I would like to bring this. I want at least 1TB and have a budget of between... Read more →

by mrk

Has anyone found a great case for the 13-inch retina Macbook Pro? What is your favorite?
There seem to be very few cases specifically made for this laptop right now. My two fav's, Vaja and Incase, don't make a case for it yet.

I'd like to know what everyone else is using and if there are any really great options out there right now.

I need something more substantial that just a plastic cover because it gets pretty cold here in the winter.

Ideally I'm looking for something that closes and that offers some bump and heat protection.

by jimlau

What resolution setting do you use?
Does the resolution scaling really scale the resolution or just the relative size of UI elements? If I show a photo on screen, I'd like that to use all the pixels in the display, not have that scaled. The highest "scaled" resolution option on the 13" is 1680x1050. I want more screen real estate than that, but I don't need to run native resolution either. My Asus 13.3" at 1920x1080 is just about right. Can I run that on a 13" MBP Retina with one of those graphics utilities out there? Thanks.