by serjeelahmed

Macbook Pro 13" regular vs. Retina display
Hello everyone, so here's the dilemma. I want to buy a Macbook Pro for school (I know, I told myself I never would, but here we are). I wanted to ask the best of the best, is it better to get the regular Macbook Pro, or the retina keeping in mind that the regular is 999 canadian with an i5 4gb ram, and 500gb ram. The retina model is 1400 with an i5 8gb ram, and 256 gb hard drive. What do you guys think?

by jgj925

Sell this macbook for upcoming gen?
Lately I realized this macbook hasn't been providing enough processing power for my needs and was thinking maybe I should sell this one before the next gen comes out and then wait till the next gen is released to purchase that one. And a retina display would be handy for video streaming, photoshop and video editing. Is it worth the extra $200-300 to do this or just spend $100 on upgrading to 16GB of ram?

by ryan

Crunching the numbers on Retina: what to expect in iMacs, MacBook Airs, and Thunderbolt monitors with Retina displays
Ready to geek out on pixel densities? Great, me too.
So when Apple announced its first computer with a Retina display, the revamped 15.4 MacBook Pro (http://gdgt.com/apple/macbook-pro/with-retina-dis... I think we all instinctively drew the conclusion that one day every Apple computer model -- like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch before them -- would have a Retina display. Seems pretty obvious, right?
Now, it's easy to assume that we'll just take the... Read more →