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  • Speed and features This is by far the fastest laptop I have ever used. Instant on from sleep is insane and the SSD makes a world of a difference. great!
  • Design and form factor Apple still has the best laptop design out there and it just got a little better. Significantly smaller than the previous 15" and even more iconic. great!
  • Battery life So far I am getting between 5.5 hours and 7 hours which to me is exceptional. Running something intensive like Diablo 3 still got me incredible time. great!
  • Display I have never seen a display like this, its intense. It almost looks like a magazine laminate printing glued to the screen. great!
  • Durability Build quality feels very solid but I still wouldn't want to drop it. good
  • Expandability No removable options at all. It does have a solid set of ports to fit most needs though. poor
  • Noise It ran silent for almost everything I did on the laptop. The only time you could hear the fans kick on is during any gaming or some movie watching. good
  • Portability (size / weight) As far as 15" laptops go this is easily the most portable. Not saying you wont notice it sitting in your bag but your shoulder will be happier with you by far. good
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The focus here is on the retina display - its by far the best screen out there. The only issue you will come across with this screen is that not many things are optimized for it quite yet but this should be a temporary issue. Everything that is optimized is mind blowing.

This is also the fastest Macbook pro ever made by far. I went from the first gen unibody 15" to this and the difference is unbelievable. When I take it out of my laptop bag it turns on instantly like an iPad. If I wanted to run some Diablo III on it, I have no performance issues with everything turned up. Its unreal.

The downside to all this is your choices for hardware specs when you make this pricey purchase will stay with you for as long as you have it. There is no upgrade down the line and there are no changes to be made here. What you buy is what you stay with so choose wisely. The other issue is that for the base model Macbook Pro with Retina you only have 1 hard drive option. If you needed more than 256Gb of storage space then you have to go for the upgraded model and pay the premium.

Overall anyone who gets this machine will likely know exactly what you are getting into and believe me you won't be dissappointed. Just don't let the shock and awe of seeing the screen cloud your judgement when making your hardware spec decisions.