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Detailed review
They often say you shouldn't buy the first generation of any apple product, and in this case I think that's probably some good advice.

The retina macbook pro is a beautiful machine and still miles ahead of anything else available on the market but I've experienced two major issues with it.

1. Some screens manufactured by LG suffer from ghosting. i.e. you can still see ghosts of images left on the screen after you close the image. I really only noticed this when I started using an external monitor for desktop work and I've leave my email open on the laptop screen. After a while I noticed you could still see outlines of the mail app when it was minimised or closed.

Apple have been most unhelpful in resolving this and they claim that it's within acceptable tolerances.

2. It appears that the bluetooth and wifi antenna are on the same board and can interfere with each other. I've had to retire a $100 set of bluetooth headphones because they're totally unusable and had to get 5Ghz wireless access points for my office in order eliminate interference with bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Overall this laptop is very good, but quite flawed.