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by taylorwhite

Engadget, I need a new Macbook with large amounts of storage, but can't afford the $$$
Here's the background. I have a 2008 unibody Macbook, which I just recently, about a year or two ago upgraded my HDD to a 1TB drive. That set me back around $150. The problem is now I can't justifying upgrading my laptop and spending $700 for equivalent SSD memory, when I spent a fraction of that last year. I need to get a new laptop, amd would prefer a

by breeze93

Syncing Chrome Bookmarks with iCloud/iOS. Without using XMarks.
I've always used Safari for looks and because it syncs bookmarks with my iOS devices. But I can't argue that Chrome is more stable, if not a bit faster. Of course, the way to sync Chrome bookmarks with iOS is the classic XMarks workaround, but it's inelegant, and XMarks (oddly enough) eats up memory on my older MacBook.

Any other ideas? Or is it all in my head, and I should just stick with Safari?

by dmjthomas

I'm thinking of buying an apple macbook (white), I moved away from windows a couple of years ago now relying mostly on ubuntu or some other derivative,…
however I am quite impressed with the macbooks and figured that this would be the way to go. I am aware that apple have a habit of updating their hardware quite regularly and so I am thinking of holding back to see what they are doing. However I am quite an impatient person. Can anyone tell me if they know whether they are planning on updating the macbook and if so what kind of upgrades are we likely to see.

by xruslan

I have a quick (or not so quick) question regarding Windows compatibility.
I currently own and use a HP desktop with Windows 7 for my PPL Education software (Private pilot's license), however, after owning a Macbook for 8 months which I use for virtual high school work & using my father's iMac for Adobe CS5 software, using the desktop induces much lethargy (note: personal opinion only). Also, the tower is simply titanic, and takes up a good amount of desk space - therefore, I would like to replace the desktop with a Mac Mini. However, my PPL software is... Read more →

by petergoudie

My MacBook (the second-most recent (still the new smooth form factor) generation, so without extra long battery etc.
) is over a year old (12-13 months) and is having a few speed issues when running Minecraft. I struggle to get Safari to work properly, and also the game itself is laggy and slow. What are your key tips for speeding up your Mac? Thanks in advance.

by virtute

Does the $1,200 MBP have enough computing power to justify the price tag?
I'll be starting college next year and I don't know if I should go with the 13-inch Macbook, or Macbook Pro. I've never used a Mac before; I'm not planning to use my machine for gaming or intense photo/video editing - but $200 seems justifiable for the aluminum unibody (plus firewire, SD card reader, stroking my ego, etc).