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by frankspin

What apps help you get things done?
We've got laptops, phones, tablets and now WATCHES....but even with all the tools in the world it's easy to forget about what you were supposed to do today. Apps are getting more powerful and their cross platform integration is getting stronger and stronger too. There is also the good ole pen and paper and some different ways of tackling lists, like Dash Plus (http://patrickrhone.com/2013/04/22/the-dash-plus-system/).
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by baileylo

Programming Laptop Suggestions
I was thinking of purchasing laptop to do some web programming. I've been using Apple for the last decade but I'm not sure I want to spend that much money. I'm unfamiliar with the quality of windows PC manufacturers. If I do purchase a PC, I'd wipe it an install Ubunutu.
Mostly used for PHP, HTML, JS development, possibly some systems level code.
  • I do use an IDE and Firefox so memory is important
  • I like to work offline
  • I don't use Vagrant all that often, so I probably don't need to be worried...
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    by cjtylr

    What do you think about Microsoft's dream to kill the tablet?
    Microsoft seems dead set on killing the need for both a laptop and a tablet with their latest announcement. With the same weight, more power, and a refined design, Microsoft might just have a winner on their hands.
    On the other hand, I think I speak for everyone when I express intense desire to do crosswords on my super expensive piece of high-tech machinery.
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