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  • Ergonomics / comfort Not the best but not the worst. After some conditioning, my hands have gotten used to it. so-so
  • Design and form factor It's pretty! great!
  • Configurability Without downloading 3rd party software, it's barely configurable. poor
  • Accuracy There are a few glitches every so often. Nothing that I can't live with though. good
  • Portability Small enough to throw into a random pocket in my bag. great!
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I recently purchased a Apple Cinema Display for my home office. Until then I was using my MacBook Pro 15" screen. I was a heavy gesture user on the MBP's touchpad. So, when I switched to the display, I really missed using those gestures.

I bought the Magic Mouse to bridge that gap. There are some gestures that the Magic Mouse does beautifully - like the 1-finger scroll. I find the 2-finger swipe for back/forward to be slightly awkward but with practice I'm working on it.

That's it though. Those are the only features that the Magic Mouse supports. I used to rely on gestures for Expose. What about that?

So, I went looking for software to augment the functionality of the MagicMouse. There are a few tools out there and I've tried/bought most of them. However, the best one IMO is the free MagicPrefs (vladalexa.com­/apps­/osx­/magicprefs/). This adds support for three and four figure clicks and taps. You can do everything you could on the MBP touchpad and more.

I really love this mouse. It's taken some time to get used to the form factor and some help to get the software to behave as it should. But now that both of those are done, it's hard to go back to another mouse.

There are more comfortable mice out there but none that can compare to the usefulness of the gestures. Hopefully a more comfortable mouse will come out w/ this same functionality. But until then, Magic Mouse is my best bet.

Lastly - Apple, what's up with the packaging? Would have expected better.
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Rated Configurability a 2
Rated Ergonomics / comfort a 3
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Thank you for the helpful review, will buy a MBP 17" tomorrow (Feb 7) and I was deciding between the Magic Trackpad & the Magic Mouse, since the laptop has a trackpad, I figured buying the trackpad would be redundant, I especially want to thank you for 3rd party software site where we can add more customizations to the mouse.