October 20th 2009 12:09 pm

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  • Ergonomics / comfort Some people have issues with the shape but I think it works great. good
  • Design and form factor Very sleek. good
  • Configurability This is more dependent on Mac OS X but if you download BetterTouchTool this becomes the most configurable mouse I've ever used. good
  • Accuracy Accuracy is solid but as someone who likes the cursor to move fast, I basically have to turn the sensitivity all the way up in the OS. Higher DPI would be nice. good
  • Portability Very small and thin. great!
Detailed review
My biggest issue with the Magic Mouse lately is that after using a Macbook trackpad for multitouch gestures, my fingers feel cramped trying to do gestures on the Magic Mouse. Plus the surface isn't as smooth to the touch as the newer trackpads.