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PC Mag Oct 12, 1993

It will take about a year before enough third-party applications will be available to make the Newton worth the price, and maybe longer before a company can develop meaningful vertical applications. In the meantime, your Newton will make you the life of the party.

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New York Times Sep 26, 1993

Apple promised too much and failed to deliver a useful device for everyday executive chores. On the other hand, the Message Pad practically hums with untapped potential, and six months (or moths) to a year from now it is likely to be a popular executive tool.

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Los Angeles Times Jul 30, 1993

Newton didn't reinvent the laws of physics, but its performance was pretty slick just the same. The size of a paperback and weighing less than a pound, Newton can send faxes or electronic mail while setting up a lunch date and keeping track of phone numbers.

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