October 20th 2009 1:58 pm

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Turbomac Turbomac

Since I use the Apple TV on a daily basis I had to pick up the new remote last week to see if the new design was any good. The core of the new version is just the next piece of the transition from white plastic to aluminum. The design is very sleek, very Apple. The basic dimensions are a little...

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justus87 justus87

When the battery died in my 1st generation Apple remote I decided to buy the new model instead of replacing the battery. The functionality is the exact same in the 2nd generation remote with one additional center button that acts as a pause/play button. The size and weight of this remote feels...

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Silver472 Silver472

A really good remote. It's really easy to use, as it has only the essential buttons. it's not like the normal remotes. This one is made to "just work". It's got the most important buttons and that's it. It's compatible with almost all Macs and with some docks, I think. (At least, it's compatible...

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ggauthier ggauthier

I love the sleek new brushed metal design. It fits well in my hand, and the buttons are clean and easy to use. But one thing I don't understand: Why duplicate the play/pause functionality? I expected it to be in the center hub - which it is - but when I saw the addition of the second button...

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