by RyanP

Troubleshooting a disconnecting Time Capsule
My Time Capsule needs to be rebooted daily now. It is the original 500GB model. The symptoms are that either my wife's macbook or the AppleTV will randomly disconnect and either never go back to the network or switch between on and off. This doesn't seem to affect other ios or windows devices. Once I reset the time capsule everything is happy again. I'm using an Airport Express to extend the network, but experienced the same problem when I unplugged the Express. I'm unclear whether this is... Read more →

by jslick

What is a good NAS storage solution?
I have been looking around for some good solutions for NAS storage. At first I was considering drobo but I quickly realized that it may not be for me. Although it has some advanced features, it is very pricey and may be a bit over kill for me. At the moment I am considering WD My Book Live or Time Capsule.
Currently I have two computers on a network (there may be more in the future but that is unclear right now). I don't think I will need to back-up more than 500 GB of data, but I can reasonably... Read more →

by Stanfrog

Has anyone figured out how to stream movies from Time Capsule to Apple TV2 yet?
I drop old movies onto mine in a backup Movie folder I created to make room on my laptop drive. But then I have to copy them back to the laptop whenever I want to stream them to my Apple TV2 (XBMC) I'd like to take the laptop out of the equation. But then I also wonder if I should be using my Back-Up drive to do frivolous things like stream movies in the first place.

by dmsilva

Who has had their Time Capsule crap out on them?
So my Time Capsule just bit the dust. Looks like to move on from yet another Apple device. So I have successfully removed my hard drive out of the time capsule, but now I am concerned of the steps I am going to have to take to migrate my old time machine data to a new storage point. Who has had this happen to them before, and what steps did you take to migrate your data? Did you purchase another Apple Time Capsule, or have you moved on to new pastures?

by stoppre

How can I pull a wireless internet signal into my time capsule?
My apartment complex is moving to a wireless internet for each building. Each building will have 6 access points for residents to pull internet off of with a log in authentication. I currently have time warner cable and use a 1TB time capsule as my wireless router. Is there any way to pull this new wireless internet signal and route it through my time capsule which will allow me to keep my home network. Otherwise I will have to connect each device separately to the AP and have no home network.

by dez

Can the Time Capsule support OS X Lion's file versioning?
As well as using it to back up individual machines, I use my Time Capsule to store shared files. When saving files to it, I get a warning like this: The document "[filename]" is on a volume that does not support permanent version storage. You will not be able to access older versions of this document once you close it. Is there likely to be either a Time Capsule software update that will resolve this or a process you can follow (e.g. reformatting with a different filesystem type) that will allow...

by Bounou

Using the new Apple Mac Mini as a iTunes server/time machine destination drive disk
I am thinking of picking one one of the new Mac Mini's and using it as a home server, i basically have 3 major uses in mind for it and want to make sure it will work the way i want it to before i go ahead and spend 600-1000$ for a new mini. I have quite a few movies/TV shows on iTunes and would like to be able to stream them to my Apple TV without it being a pain in the ass, currently my iTunes library is on my PC but the thing has a 1200w power supply and even idle it uses tons of juice. I want... Read more →

by dave

Are you interested in the rumored "software update caching" in the upcoming Airport Extreme / Time Capsule refresh?
Apple's wi-fi base stations are due to be refreshed in the near future. They're rumored to have "software update caching" built in. How does it work? Via 9 to 5 Mac: "What we do know is that Apple has been internally testing Time Capsules to cache Software Updates for both Mac and iOS devices. The way we’ve heard it works is that the new Time Capsule learns which devices connect to it via Wifi. It then goes out to Apple’s servers and downloads Software Updates for those products. When the... Read more →

by heyitsnoah

Dead Time Capsule
Anyone else having problems with their Time Capsule dying? I've had mine for about 20 months and it just seems to have crapped out. I suspect it's the power supply, but I'm not sure. When I plug in the cord I see a little green light for a second and then nothing. Have tested out a new cord to no avail. I'm not under Apple Care anymore, so there's not much I can do. After a bit of searching, it seems like a lot of people have had theirs die around the 18 month point.

by humedini

Time Capsule + Powerline Networking
Hello all. Just wondering if anyone has the same problem that I have been experiencing! My main telephone jack is by the front door to my house but all my kit is upstairs. I want to add a Time Capsule to my set-up but want to keep the install as minimal as possible but still keep the time capsule upstairs with all my gear so that I can backup over ethernet for my main machine rather than wireless. So my proposed solution would be: Phone Jack > ADSL 2+ Modem >Powerline Network Adaptor... Read more →