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  • Ease of use saved & uploaded the config file. so no configuration! good
  • Speed / throughput No comments great!
  • Configurability / networking features No comments so-so
  • Reliability No comments
  • Range No comments poor
  • Durability No comments awful!
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Apple announced a repair program for the TC back in July I promptly called Applecare. Within 3 days, I dropped off the TC at the local 3rd party Apple warrantee provider. After they fixed it, I asked if they would let me pay the difference between the 2T & 1T TC, and take home a new 2T TC. They said okay & I took a 2T Time Capsule home. Then I left for a long summer vacation. I got back a few weeks ago & put in the 2T Time Capsule over the weekend. It was so easy & now, our 4 Mac's have Time Machine switched on again. Hope this one lasts more than 18 months (since it's for backup, for ever, would be good). Will keep the Airport Extreme just in case.

My 1T TC went down about a month ago (so also about 18 months). I called Apple's warrantee service here in Hong Kong & they told me that since it is out of warrantee, the repair cost would be about the same as buying a new one. There is also no apple care for the TC. So I replaced it with a Airport Extreme. But I'm told by a fellow shopper that Time Machine doesn't work well with the Airport. I will need to manually mount the drive each time before launching TM. I'm not getting another TC until they get this thing sorted and do a recall for all the old TC's out there.

BTW, I've bought 19 mac's for myself (4), my family (9) & as gifts (6) over the last 10 years, had all 3 iPhones, 5 Airport Expresses & other apple stuff so I love their products. I'm just a little pissed about the TC. Nothing else I got from Apple works like this. They need to recall this.
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