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Detailed review
The Time Capsule is a wonderful companion to the Mac OS\X Time Machine program. It automates backups to the router's internal hard drive for set it and forget it backups.

There is just one design flaw. See, Steve Jobs hates fan noise almost as much as he hates styli. So, they design the Time Capsule to not have a fan. That's a problem when the machine runs hot (and loud, the fan noise would be an improvement) when backing up.

While mine is still running at 16 months, there a ton of people whose backup disks have died at the 18 month point. Basically, the hard drive finally gives out from the heat generated by itself. Oh, and a feature (not a bug!) of the Time Machine software is that it doesn't really tell you that a backup failed. You may not realize it's been months since your last back up until you *really* need that back up file.

The Time Capsule still works as a decent 802.11n router even after the hard drive dies. It gets a 6/10 because the router part works well and as long as you have a second back up source (Mozy!) you'll be good when the hard drive dies. But you'd be better off just getting an Airport and an external hard drive.