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It’s pleasant to type on (it feels just like the current MacBook keyboards). It has just enough tilt to be comfortable, thanks to the cylinder that holds the two AA batteries in the back. quote

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  • Design and form factor
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CNET Aug 25, 2010

For its affordability, clever design, and sheer good looks, we recommend the Apple Wireless Keyboard to anyone shopping for a Mac-friendly keyboard.

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Macworld Oct 17, 2008

When it comes to compact, wireless models, on the other hand, there’s little competition for Apple’s Wireless Keyboard. It’s among the smallest and lightest models on the market, yet it doesn’t sacrifice full-size keys and it provides a mostly standard key layout.

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Macworld UK Nov 14, 2011

As a portable option that makes typing more comfortable, Apple’s own Bluetooth keyboard beautifully complements any iOS device. You would need an additional case or stand for your iPhone or iPad to make typing truly convenient, but Apple’s offering is lightweight and low-profile.

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Boing Boing May 21, 2009

It’s pleasant to type on (it feels just like the current MacBook keyboards). It has just enough tilt to be comfortable, thanks to the cylinder that holds the two AA batteries in the back.

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iLounge Nov 3, 2010

While its $69 asking price feels just as steep for the iPad and other iOS devices as it does on Apple’s computers, the keyboard’s physical size, quality, and ease of use strike a balance that none of its rivals have been able to match.

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rususeruru rususeruru

I purchased this keyboard a little over a year ago and recently replaced it. The keyboard's auto-power down feature seems nice until you have to press a key twice to begin typing. The first tap to wake the keyboard, the second tap being the first recognized input. I hoped the firmware...

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msingleton msingleton

Great keyboard overall. It's an easy buying decision to make -- if you like the keyboard on the MacBook, buy it. It's literally the same keyboard. I like the flexibility of moving it around so easily and excellent bluetooth range, however if you need a number pad, this is not the...

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justinhub2003 justinhub2003

Great keyboard for cutting all the wires and stil not using up a USB Port on my macbook. I use it with my Macbook Pro which in combo with a magic mouse and HP LED Monitor, lets me turn it from mobile power house to desktop work station with no trouble at all.

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redragon redragon

The good: This keyboard's feel is great. The push of the buttons is precise and nice with a nice mechanical sound. The weight of the keyboard is very light which is expected from a bluetooth keyboard. The minor: The way the keyboard is angled might be an issue for some as it is abit...

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citenx citenx

I can't say enough about it. It maintains connectivity wonderfully to my mac mini that's attached to my entertainment center. It evokes a giddy feeling of joy while typing on it, more-so than my 13" MacBook. I use Energizer rechargeables I purchased over two years ago and they...

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arturogoga arturogoga

I have some sort of "keyboard fetish", usually replacing mine every 2 months or so, trying to find the perfect one. That is, until I found the aluminium keyboard. I've always preferred the "laptop" keys over the normal, squishy desktop keyboard keys, and the wireless...

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KanAugust KanAugust

Not that it's comfortable to type, but it's fun to type on. And I like this better than the keyboards on my macbook pro.

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