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Engadget Dec 24, 2010

The Archos 70 is very thin and light, has a responsive capacitive touchscreen, and has great media playback. On the other hand, it has a crappy LCD with poor viewing angles, the hardware feels cheap, and it is sluggish at times.

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Computerworld Dec 22, 2010

At $300 and $275, respectively, the Archos 101 and 70 are priced considerably lower than any of the other Android tablets. Although they disappoint on memory, software and the lack of a 3G connection, they could be appealing to those looking for smaller, lighter and less expensive iPad alternatives.

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captronchron captronchron

Archos was the first with a flash ready Android OS. Clean ergonomic design. Reliable Cust. Serv. Easy access to all Android Apps. Tiny stereo speakers are adequate with plenty of drive for high quality headphone. SD slot. Store Apps on the SD. Handles 32GB chip.

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mdcykkk9 mdcykkk9

good device with great media codecs support ... the best i have seen in android device ... Have the last year hi end technology ( 1gh cortex a8 ) ... if you want a small 7 inch tablet to check periodically every day your email twitter facebook surf the web casual gaming ( angry birds - but not...

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gvlx gvlx

For 7 Home Tablet V2: works best on 2.2 mod. weak wifi antenna without a home button it is very hard to use it on full-screen apps heats a little bit too much short battery resistive touch screen - loses sensitivity

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