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by gtsorbo

Videos from Revision3 (mp4creator) Don't play correctly
I subscribe to many Revision3 shows in iTunes. I drag the files onto my Archos so I can watch them. When I try to watch them, the audio plays, but the video looks almost like a strobe light of just the first frame of the video. I can skip around to different parts of the video and it will change the position and even the frame, but it will stay stuck on the frame that is at that point. I checked the info of the video in iTunes, and it said it was encoded with a program called mp4creator, so it...

by HobbitFromPA

A few issues
Got this unit a week ago and finally started playing with it over the weekend. Updated the firmware. I loaded about 60 gig of music. First thing is it seems like the battery is draining a lot faster then it should be for just listening to music. Second on every album that I have listened to it will hit a song and stop for a minute then all of all sudden it starts screeching. It won't let me do anything, the only way I can get it to stop is to reset.. After resetting I can go back to the same... Read more →

by peter

I think bricked my review unit
Just tried to install the new 1.1.01 firmware update, everything was running smoothly until it came time to reboot after installation. It keeps hanging on the "Archos - Entertainment your way" screen, multiple resets have not solved the problem. I suppose I can just send it back early, but I would be pretty pissed off if I had bought one of these and had this happened. Gonna keep trying, anyone else had this happen?

by davebredbury

FM Transmitter and preloaded apps
Hey i just recieved this and i can not get the fm transmitter to work has anybody tried the fm transmitter out? also it did not come with the apps lib installed how do i install this on my own?? any help would be much appreciated there tech support people are clueless i have called them 4 times and waited an hour each time just to here them say they dont know

by peter

I got an Archos 5 - Any questions?
Got one to check out, any questions? Will say right off the bat that there are some things I love: the screen is bright and high-res, and the device is thinner than I thought it would be. Things I don't like: resistive display makes it harder to use than it should be. Found myself wishing that they'd included a stylus. Anyway, ask away!

by iguy

Device thinks even non-copy protected video is copy-protected
This device seemed like a great idea at the time in order for me to record surgical video from my operating room microscope. I even bought the docking station to easily come out from an sVHS connection from the operating room camera, into the dock. 5-10 seconds into the beginning of a recording, the device often automatically changes into P (protected) mode, designed to prevent pirating of videos. Once in protected mode, the resulting recording can only be viewed on the Archos player, with... Read more →