January 8th 2014 11:20 pm

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  • Voice / mic quality No comments
  • Noise reduction great noise reduction for an on ear headset, but not as good as an over ear headsets reduction. good
  • Sound quality Great quality, liked the bass, first time i noticed resounding beats in my music. (didn't notice on my Astro A40's or Sennheiser MM 30i earbuds) great!
  • Battery life Astro claims battery life of 20 hours of music playing, and the headset has not died since its charge out of the box for over 10hrs. great!
  • Comfort very comfortable for an on ear headset, I usually dislike due to ear pressure, but the ear cushions present little pressure. great!
  • Durability Quality of the headset cannot easily be seen by looking at pictures (looks kinda flimsy), the quality feels high. great!
  • Design and form factor could have added a battery life indicator, and made design better for larger width heads, but the wireless connectivity is awesome. good
Detailed review
The NFC and Bluetooth connection is simply wonderful. I can just lift my Galaxy Nexus up to the left ear and the headset will automatically power up and connect. The headset has the best bass in a headset that I have owned. Although this was purchased on a beta program, I have not noticed any reason to call it a non-final product except for the declaration as such. The volume range is quite nice, I can pump it up and not hurt my ears unlike other devices I have used.

Minor things that are annoying are that there is no battery indicator (although such large battery life does not really require one if you charge at the end of the day), and that the sounds that are produced from hitting max volume on the physical keys are quite loud and hurtful to the ears.

All said and done, this is a great product and worth purchasing on the beta program with even the minor things I disliked, or at full price and hopefully without the minor annoyances.

Mic was not used by the time of this rating , and as such was left as not rated.