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by frankspin

What are your favorite alternatives to Android's default apps?
One of the strongest features with Android is the ability to set third party apps to be the default app of choice for certain actions. Don't like using Hangouts? Install Textra and you're good to go. Need more features from your camera? Don't worry because CameraZoomFX has loads more.
Today on Engadget we offered up some of the best alternatives to default apps... Read more →

by JasonTsay

"The iPad is just a big iPod touch"
That’s the line that went around a few years ago when the first iPad was announced. As time has gone by and I’ve given the matter more thought, I realize those people were right.
As phones get larger and larger ( 3.5" iPhone -> 5.7" Galaxy Note 3) and tablets get smaller and smaller (10" iPad -> 7" Nexus 7), it becomes more evident to me that they’re essentially the same product category.
Think about it - for every iPad app, you could have a smaller version on the iPhone that does the... Read more →

by frankspin

Could you live without Google products?
After Google shutdown reader, and with their bigger push of Google+, I'm noticing blog posts popping up a bit more with people moving away from Google services. Aside from the companies history of just axing products, the issue appears to be users are becoming uncomfortable with Google's changes that affect products across the entire web -- not to mention the sweeping change to Gmail, IMAP, XMPP is leaving some people unhappy.
I was trying to think about how difficult it would be to make this... Read more →

by TgD

Wireless Charging: Is it worth it yet?
Ever since the Nexus 4, and early Nokia Lumia's were announced, I was somewhat excited by wireless charging. This was the future. I wanted to have this functionality.
Over a year later, I own a nexus 4 and still plug in a cable every night. In my opinion I still don't think wireless charging is at the place I want it to be. Here is why:
1. You have to find one that will work well for your phone
I know Qi charging is rapidly becoming the best standard in wireless charging, but a lot of the wireless... Read more →

by Corgis

Lower rating than iPad Mini?
I was comparing this and the iPad mini and was confused that this had the lower rating of two because it has a higher resolution screen, a faster processor, higher average user reviews, higher average critic reviews, seemingly more glowing praise in the written section (no negative comments vs. comments like "However, it is by no means perfect..." and "...it isn't the best bang for the buck among small tablets...") and costs $100 less. It doesn't seem to add up.

by agbenny

Very promising !
This should be the super Tablet when it comes to the market. The processor, the screen res, 5MP cam, easily makes it the best tablet available in the market.
I own an iPad and Nexus 7.1 (I will call this as 7.2) with JB 4.3 update in it already, and I am very happy with the performance, screen etc - which made me to carry it everywhere and iPad is almost retiring. I would strongly recommend anyone a Nexus 7.1 or or 7.2 - paying a hefty amount on other tablets wouldn't make sense.
Google should...