September 17th 2013 8:34 am

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First Looks

product preview
Engadget Sep 17, 2013

Despite the brief hands-on time with the new PadFone Infinity, we're digging all the new features and performance boost it offers, and there's no doubt that some of these goodies will trickle across ASUS' Android platform.

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product preview
AnandTech Sep 17, 2013

The Padfone Infinity seems to have nailed the insert/eject force for the smartphone module, and the docking station tablet seems to be pretty solid. The industrial design is almost the same as the Padfone Infinity I played with at MWC earlier this year.

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product preview
CNET Sep 17, 2013

Externally, this PadFone duo looks almost entirely the same as the PadFone Infinity combo we saw earlier this year. The devices share the same dimensions and docking design -- in fact, the docking station is unchanged from the previous version, down to the part number.

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product preview
SlashGear Sep 17, 2013

The new Asus PadFone Infinity has now been officially unveiled and it does in fact have the expected Snapdragon 800 processor under the hood. It also has some other features that make the updated version of the device more interesting for people considering getting their hands on one.

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Puremind Puremind

I really like this smartphone as it has the design and sound quality of the HTC One but with better battery life of the LG G2 (despite lower capacity). I only need to charga every 2 days in moderate use producing s 1,7 days in intense use (getting over 3 hours of screen time without deactivating...

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