August 28th 2012 8:06 am

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  • Picture quality Blue tint, whites are not really whites, but a little blueish, following guides online to fix it did not really help! many people seem to have that problem so-so
  • Design and form factor Really nice design, slim, light for the size, I like the cable management bracket on the back great!
  • Inputs Has all kinds of video input, HDMI, VGA, DVI, display port, great!
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I had really, really, REAAALLY high hopes for this monitor, it seemed very nice for the price . It provides most of the common video inputs out there, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, but does not provide USB hub like most of the other competitions.

It has some really BAD built-in speakers, I have no idea how some people rated those as OK, im not even an audiophile, I dont like big desktop speakers, anything built-in or very small is fine for me for listening to youtube, or some audio files, I had an iMac and the iMac built-in speakers were more than enough for me. This monitor can not even delivery that, the speakers are so bad, they sound very muffled and at max volume they sound no louder than the built-in iPhone speaker! I mean cmon Asus, really? for the price, I am pretty sure they could have done better! I know many people do not even bother with built-in speakers anyways, but in my case, I was hoping to not bother buying separate speakers and just use the built-in ones.

Now for the picture quality. The monitor out of the box had some blue-ish tint, I could not for the life of me get to fix it, I tried googling for answers, visited many forum posts of others having the same problem, even tftcentral reported the same blue-ish tint on their review of this monitor. Basically, at that point I decided to return the monitor and go with something else. I could not deal with the blue-ish tint, some have suggested to use a calibration device which I refuse to do as I just spent a really hefty price for this monitor, I expected the best out of it, I was not going to yet spend another ~$200 to fix it!

Basically I just ended up returning this monitor and went for something else, for me, the cons outweighed the pros, and the blue-ish tint was very bad! I went with another monitor from the competition for the same price, yet it also offers USB 3.0 hub built in, now I am very happy with that decision. Hope this review helps

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Hi, sorry but I do not agree with your review, as an owner of this monitor I can't believe you're talking about the same product. This monitor is fantastic. It's one of the best things I've ever bought. Can you tell me one monitor at this price range that is better than the ASUS? There isn't one, otherwise I would of most likely bought it. I've had the monitor for 5 months now and everything about it is oozes quality. The build quality is awesome, the weight gives you a sense of how much good quality material went in to making it. The swivel mechanism couldn't be any better if ASUS had tried. The OSD is well thought out and easy to figure out, even without consulting the manual. As for the panel I didn’t have one stuck or dead pixel, which is quite common with this product and the backlight bleed normally associated with IPS/PLS panels was perfectly acceptable and a lot better than I expected. You claim the calibration is bad, well I bought a calibrator just in case I had any issues and after using it I switched between standard and custom (newly calibrated profile) and I couldn’t even tell the difference between the two, that's how good it is out the box. Admittedly the other pre-sets are pretty bad but that’s just from the point of view they are unnatural and no one will use them most likely.

Although I think they are quite good for built-in speakers, anyone who buys a monitor for its speakers or USB connectivity at this price point is crazy. If you can afford this, you can afford a pair of headphones and a decent couple of speakers too. As for the USB I have more USB ports than I can make use of as it is so this isn’t an issue for me or many other people I suspect. Yes review the monitor for its image capabilities but not for its speakers or USB’s! Sorry I have to say whilst everyone is entitled to their opinion do not let this review put you off as it is a fantastic monitor and worth every single penny.