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Several of the new 802.11ac routers turned in excellent performance on one test or another, but the Asus RT-AC66U was the best overall. ... The router is feature-rich, too, with DLNA compatibility for home entertainment use, a built-in iTunes server, an integrated BitTorrent client, and more.... If you're ready to take the plunge into 802.11ac Draft 2.0 and you don't mind paying top dollar, this is the router to buy. quote

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PC World Sep 11, 2012

If you're ready to take the plunge into 802.11ac Draft 2.0 and you don't mind paying top dollar, this is the router to buy.

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PC Mag Nov 30, 2012

More technical and small business users including those wanting a true VPN server, robust IPv6, and granular control over the wireless signal will find the Asus RT-AC66U a delight.

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CNET Aug 2, 2012

The Asus RT-AC66U could make an excellent router for those with lots of 5GHz Wi-Fi devices; otherwise, its hefty price becomes more of an issue.

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Expert Reviews Oct 3, 2012

If speed’s your prime concern, go for the Netgear R6300, but if you want a fast 802.11ac router that also lets you connect USB printers, go for the Asus RT-AC66U.

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Hardware Zone Aug 17, 2012

At the performance end, the AC66U proved to be a classic example of the "Jekyll and Hyde" metaphor. For starters, its throughput on the basic 2.4GHz band was poor, and we'd call it average at best... It is quite a different story when we unleashed the router's AC mode on the 5GHz band.

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cubanmissile cubanmissile

TL;DR With the recent improvements to the firmware (which could use a bit more refinement and bug testing), this is a great improvement to wireless networks that are still on draft N or on wireless G. Otherwise, with no AC hardware to take advantage in this bump of wireless speed (unless you...

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Sublime865 Sublime865

Great device, should have listened when reviewers said it overheats. Purchased with the intention of building a robust network - overclocked, RADIUS-server running, locked down, etc. That went to the wayside when I realized I had to give up using the USB ports, downclock BELOW stock clock on...

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newport newport

Very powerful and reliable router. The throughput is just amazing. I can stream HD video to multiple devices from the router's DLNA function, download torrent, and watch online TV all at once without a single glitch or slowdown. Configuration is really a joyful experience with a intuitive...

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dudereviewer dudereviewer

This router has apparent overheating symptoms. We first noticed it when our Netflix kept on disconnecting or had problems keeping a constant stream, even though it was on 5Ghz and we had the whole spectrum basically to ourselves. Then our laptops kept cutting out. Did a little research and...

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eboyhan eboyhan

This router replaced a wireless "N" router that was dropping the wifi connections frequently (several times a day -- and it was getting worse). My use of wifi in place of wired internet has increased dramatically over the lat year (2 surface pros; a surface 2; 4 kindles, a lumia 920, etc.)....

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stumbleup stumbleup

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008ABOJKS?ie=UTF... This is an excellent wireless router that is easy to setup, configure, and maintain .The range is amazing to cover all rooms and around the house. Even we are...

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jmshub jmshub

I recently purchased two of these routers to bridge the connection the other side of my property. The router software that comes onboard is simple for the average user, but I found it somewhat lacking. I installed the recommended build of DD-WRT on the router, and this router has been absolutely...

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Internet access and an wireless SSID was set up within 2 minutes. Local wireless connection was solid with high speed file transfers VPN server, USB ports, user interface was awesome

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slubman slubman

I bought this thinking of using an alternative firmware, but the base firmware have all the functions I need (IPv6 tunnel, IPv6 firewall, dual-wan)

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