June 3rd 2013 10:04 am

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Criteria Comments Rating
  • Ease of use No comments good
  • Speed / throughput It started off great but this is the 3rd day and it's slower than the D-link that it replaced! so-so
  • Configurability / networking features Easy interface good
  • Reliability Keeps dropping my wired and wireless connections randomly! poor
  • Range No comments great!
  • Durability No comments good
Detailed review
I bought the Asus RT-AC68U on Amazon. It arrived 3 days ago and I have had to make 5 phone calls over 3 days to tech support. The router randomly drops both my wired and wireless connections. Tech support suggested a firmware update. I did that but it is still randomly dropping my wired connections connected into the LAN ports!! Their only answer after my 2nd phone call to them today is, "Just monitor the situation for another day and if it still does that then return the unit"! You should really read as many user reviews as possible. I have since found several others who are having the same problems that I have encountered.