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TrustedReviews Jan 21, 2013

The Asus Vivo Tab TF810C is probably the best Atom-based Windows 8 convertible tablet/laptop we’ve looked at and, if you can live with its limited specs, the hybrid we would most recommend.

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beeler beeler

I am in college studying to become a mechanical engineer. I bought the Asus vivo tab for 2 reasons, full Windows 8 and the ability to write on it. It does everything I ask of it and then more. I have both the keyboard and the tablet. Speed: Its not the fastest in the world but it runs the...

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magnusbratt magnusbratt

The perfect form factor, but too slow to recommend. Also disappointed in the wi-fi that lacks 5 Gz radio. I get good wifi performance at the office, but not at home (with Apple Airport Extreme as base station). When working I generally end up using Remote desktop connected to a more powerful...

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cpoole cpoole

I am a student studying electrical engineering in college and I needed a tablet that could run a few engineering programs on the fly as well as a tablet that I could take accurate math and science notes with. This tablet is perfect for that. Not to mention the built in handwriting to text input...

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