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by juz

Sim Card for iPhone 5
So I got an AT&T iPhone 5 from my friend but I can't use it because it was restored and I need a nano sim card. I'm not with AT&T, but can I still go into a store and ask for a sim card?

by Chopperrockerc

Which iPad 3rd Gen should I get Wifi, Verizon LTE, or AT&T LTE?
I have AT&T on my iPhone 4. I like to travel both in the US and outside the US. I've read different opinions around whether you need the LTE or not. Some get the WIFI only because they can use a MiFi device (like the Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot) for AT&T or Verizon and have that flexibility. Others recomend getting an LTE enabled iPad because it has GPS "Assisted". IF I go with an LTE which service has the greatest flexibility in the US and international? I don't know if I would use... Read more →

by Dignan17

What is the best off-contract texting phone?
My mother-in-law is looking for a new phone because hers broke. She doesn't want a smartphone, she does do a good deal of texting, and she can't sign up for a new contract. Lastly, it would be good if the phone isn't too ridiculously expensive ($200 at most, preferably under $100).

So what is a great phone for simple texting and where could I get it unsubsidized?

by dougmejia

Should I get an AT&T Elevate 4G Mobile Hotspot?
I'm in the market for a 4G hotspot. I currently have AT&T so I was looking at the Elevate 4G Mobile Hotspot. However, I don't mind going with Verizon or any other company that might offer better service. Does anyone have experience with the Elevate 4G Mobile Hotspot (good or bad)? I am in the Miami, FL market if that helps. In fact, if you have experience in this particular market, your input is greatly appreciated. Please include details on speed, reliability, battery life and any other...

by dave

How do you lock down your phone's cellular data plan before leaving the country?
I'm asking this on behalf of my sister, who is traveling to Canada over Christmas. She has a shiny new iPhone 4S on AT&T and she doesn't want to be caught off guard by crazy and unexpected cellular data charges.

How should one go about preparing their phone for international travel? What sorts of settings should be off, and should she call AT&T and get an international data plan, just in case?

by dave

How come cellular carriers won't block stolen mobile phones in the United States?
Last week, C.W. Nevius, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote an editorial on how to potentially curb smart-phone thieves. He argued that some carriers in foreign countries (e.g., Australia) will actually block mobile phones from their networks if reported stolen. (See:
From the SF Chronicle: Australia uses something akin to a serial number, basically a 15-digit fingerprint found on
... Read more →

by MasterSystem

Looking for a non-AT&T Windows phone
Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a new phone and interested in a Windows Phone 7. I currently use a Nokia 5800 mostly because it's an unlocked phone that is not charged the data premium from AT&T. I only pay $10 for unlimited data and I'd like to find a Windows Phone that can do the same.

My theory is, if phone is carried by AT&T, it can be recognized and then they'll ask you to increase your data plan.

So any suggestions or ideas would be great.

by timchoi89

Can I use a data plan for dumbphones on an unlocked device?
I was browsing AT&T's site earlier and noticed that you can get an unlimited texting, messaging, and data plan for $30/month for a dumbphone. When I continued to process my cart it asked for my device's IMEI number.
Can I just put in a dumbphone's IMEI number and then just use my unlocked smartphone (Nexus S and/or HTC Titan)?
I understand that if you use a locked device with the wrong plan AT&T (or any other carrier) will make sure to catch you about it but I'm not sure about the case...

by timchoi89

How can I unlock the HTC Titan without having to contact ATT?
So earlier tonight I won an HTC Titan at the Windows Phone Inner Circle Tour. So far I'm loving the phone but, unfortunately, I'm on T-Mobile. Unless I'll be able to unlock the phone easily, I'll just be using this as a nice Zune device.

Do any of y'all know how to unlock this phone without going through ATT?

If I absolutely have to go through ATT, how lenient is ATT with unlocking phones? Do I need to be an ATT customer to unlock this phone?