by frankspin

Is a DAC or AMP warranted with the Macbook Pro?
I've read conflicting thoughts on this and was wondering if anyone can comment to the built-in DAC on the Macbook Pro and whether an external one will make that much of a difference. I know a DAC/AMP will help regardless but I'm more interested in identifying if it's a must buy at the same time as upgrading my headphones.

by andrewkalies

Which of these is better for general music listening?
I would like to know which of these two headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or the Bose AE2 (both roughly the same price), would be better for sitting around the house, walking places, sitting down at lunch, and listening to music. I also listen to a good deal of podcasts if that makes any difference. My friend has the AE2s and he let me try them, and they are very comfortable, but I want to know what people familiar with the M50 think. So, which is better for general music listening? EDIT:... Read more →