by frankspin

Preferred type of headphone?
Headphones, and audio in general, may be the most contentious consumer category next to smartphones and gaming devices. So let's open that can of worms!
What kind of headphones do you prefer for various activities in your life?
Sitting at the desk/working: Definitely closed over-the-ear headphones.... Read more →

by boxito

which headphones are the best for travel
Hi i was thinking in buy a Headphones, i will like to have the mic in the cable, will be for travel i like the noise cancellation and the folding for easy storage.

i was thinking to buy the BoseQuietComfort 15 or the beats but i read many bad reviews on the two.

i check the Audio-TechnicaATH-M50, the v-modaCrossfade LP and SOUL by Ludacris SL150CB

does the bose or the beats wort the extra money or for the price is better to buy another

by frankspin

How much does audio quality matter when buying music?
In a recent conversation via Twitter I came across the site mp3ornot.com which uses an A/B test to see if you can find the difference in the files. It's an interesting test to take and see if you can actually notice the difference; mind you it's still not the best since they're not local files and sources may vary.
It did get me to thinking about music quality and perhaps some peoples obsession with having the best quality when they may not even notice. If you're... Read more →

by ArmpitOfDeath

Why are these so popular?
Just wondering. Performance-wise they seem pretty mediocre to me for ~$150, but I see them mentioned in a whole lot of places these days.

e.g. the MDR-ZX700 has the slight upper hand in terms of overall fidelity for example, and they can be had for (much) less. Is it because they fold? Once again, there seems to be other candidates which do that and offer a more compelling package overall (the SRH840's for example, which costs about the same).

by tomoliveri

gdgt User Reviews.
This is for anyone who is contemplating buying these headphones. The build quality is very good ( as you'd expect from high end headphones ) The Audio quality is very near perfect, these are true studio monitors so you can hear your music just as it was intended by the creator. The only headphones I've heard come close to the quality of these were about 3x more expensive. My only complaint with this product is that having leather wrapped around your ears gets pretty warm and in summer...