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I don't have all that much experience in high-end headphones, but these are the best I've ever heard. You can easily tell the goal with these is to reproduce the music as exact as possible. Most people do say they take a decent amount of break-in time to sound up to their standards, and I found that to be true as well. I understand this is quite normal for higher-end headphones. The biggest thing I noticed is that even in songs with very low and big bass, it doesn't drown out any other sounds. The mids and highs are still crystal clear, even with the huge lows.

My only complaint about these headphones is their fit on my head. They're a bit loose and fall down with less movement than I would like. I use them on their smallest setting, and its still a bit too small. This isn't a major issue... I'd rather have the best sound quality possible for as little money as possible (these hit the sweet spot) than have the perfect fit. The fit is good, just not perfect.