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80 May 17th 2012 10:14 am

The Lower East Side Audio Dock Air provides solid, bass-boosted sound when paired with your iTunes library using Apple's AirPlay wireless technology. Since AirPlay is Wi-Fi based, the Audio Dock Air has greater range than comparable Bluetooth speakers. Though the Audio Dock Air is somewhat pricey compared to some other AirPlay speakers, such as the iHome iW1, it provides significantly superior sound. It also lacks a battery, making it strictly a homebound solution. Still, if you're committed to iTunes (or use a workaround to stream non-iTunes content via AirPlay), and you can afford it, the Audio Dock Air is a great way to spread your muisc throughout your home.

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PC Mag Jan 20, 2012

With its boosted bass, the Audyssey Audio Dock Air is an AirPlay dock intended for lovers of low frequencies, but it has some occasional streaming issues.

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Wired Jun 5, 2012

Great design. Looks hot on a shelf or a dresser. Sound is big. Punchy mids and bass for days. Sound is processed and aggressive. Too big for a kitchen or smaller room. AirPlay weaknesses are still a bother — your mileage may vary based on network strength, interference, location, hardware type.

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iHawk iHawk

I am quite pleased with this unit. I bought a Bose SoundLink Mobile and then this one to to get AirPlay integration and range. I am not an audiophile but I like the AirPlay quality better than the BlueTooth of the other unit. The Bose you definitely know where it is placed and don't get much...

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