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The market for smart locks is still in its early stages but we're already seeing some neat ideas as well as some commonalities -- like the need to completely replace your lock. The August Smart Lock breaks away from what pattern by only replacing the inside portion of your lock. This has two benefits: first off, it's easier to install, with Wired calling the process "stupid-simple." The second benefit is that you can still use your key if the unlock feature doesn't work (which can happen), your phone shuts off or you accidentally break the lock. The August won't be an ugly protrusion on your door either -- in fact, Re/code says it's rather "beautiful."

If you're planning a party or someone's coming to check on your place while you're away, the app gives you the ability to give virtual keys to whomever you need to. Gizmodo says the process is "as easy as sending a text" and you can control guest entry with a one-time code or even set up scheduled access. There is still some room to grow and a few kinks to be worked out but August provides a solid option for those itching to digitally secure their door.

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Re/code Oct 14, 2014

In my tests, the August Smart Lock worked as advertised. I liked it and can recommend it, especially for folks who often have to give keys to strangers.

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CNET Oct 15, 2014

We haven't seen a flawless smart lock yet, but the August Smart Lock comes closer than any of its competitors thanks to its ease of use and overall polish.

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Wired Oct 14, 2014

This product only works if it always works; if it clears that bar, you can see entire industries ... changed by the innovation. But if August fails even one time out of a hundred, it won’t measure up to its very stiff competition: the key.

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Engadget May 29, 2013

The standard features you'd expect from such a system are all present. Your own phone can unlock the door, without your intervention if you'd like, for truly hands-free entry. And you can grant access to others remotely, using relatively fine-grained controls.

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product preview
Gizmodo May 29, 2013

Smart Lock also keeps a log of every entry and exit for every issued digital key, which you can access anytime from either your phone or computer. It even sends a push notification in case you're that overbearing about who is in your house and which Smart Locked door they entered through.

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dmhunter dmhunter

I bought my first August lock for my lake house. We often let friends and family use the place on weekends. The August lock was a way to manage the distribution and collection of keys from our guests. It worked so well that I bought a second one for my principal residence. I put it on my back...

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drkarlosi drkarlosi

I purchased the lock for my second home that on occasion I rent out during football season. Originally I had purchased my lock on but had to return it as the lock came up as being stolen —(serial number had been deactivated by August Lock, should have read the seller review on Amazon...

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drf1090 drf1090

This product left a lot to be desired in my opinion. In summation it is a true waste of money. I will go point by point below: Design: The design looks nice in photos, but in reality is bulky and unsightly. It is however, for the most part, a breeze to install, and, thankfully, uninstall. A...

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