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by radmaddie

Can you charge a NOOK color without the real charge
I got a NOOK color for Christmas. A couple of nights ago I started charge it I came back to my and I heard a pop noise and I look at my NOOK color charge a it was not working and I was going take it back out and put it back in to see if it work. When I did the front piece of the charge was broke I tried to fix it but it did not work. And I do not have a new one is there any way to charge my NOOK color. If know anyway please respond. Thank you

by dave

How does Barnes & Noble respond to Amazon's latest tablets?
Amazon's Kindle Fire now seems to be a better buy (both hardware and price) than the Nook Color. It seems to be a pretty aggressive price point.
How will Barnes & Noble respond? They've been pretty aggressive releasing the Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch. The Nook Color is nearly a year old at this point as well -- so we're about due for a new tablet from them. One would think they knew Amazon would get into this market as well.
Does this signal the beginning of the end, or is the tablet war...

by manveru

I just got my Nook a couple of days ago, so I haven't really explored everything it can do just yet.
I know it runs Android, and it has games, and a browser, and some other features, all with certain limits. But I also have heard that there is a hacking scene with the Nook, with homebrew apps for it and such. Has anybody had any experience with hacking their Nook that can say to weather it's worth doing or not? Or what kind of features I can get from doing so? I'd hope that there is a lot of neat stuff people can do, given that it's based on Android and has 3g built in.

by jmorss

Is last page read supposed to sync between devices?
I have been looking for a definitive answer on this issue. The Kindle 2 has Whispersync, where the device syncs to the last page read in teh book you are currently reading between devices. Does anyone know if this functionality is supposed to be coming in the nook? I have seen conflicting answers. Some people seem to point to the statement that "books will sync between devices" however all that I find that to mean is that my B&N online library is synced, but not the location I am...

by dave

Android + Mini USB? Bring on the mods and hacks!
Seriously, this is yet another exciting possibility about this eBook reader. With the potential ability to hack Android, a mini USB port, and a Micro SD slot, is it possible we could see future, home-brew support for more document formats besides PDF (such at DOC, or even TXT?). In my opinion, this eBook reader is one of the most exciting yet released.