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  • Features With the ability to boot into native ICS(see xda) this device becomes a lot more useful. I dont miss camera but microsd is a must great!
  • Display what more s there to say, display is fantastic great!
  • Battery life so far easily reaches 10 hours+ with my usage, reading, email and odd game or two great!
  • Ease of use Would be a 4 for stock ROM image but custom ROM opens device up great!
  • Storage capacity 16gb model for me is fine but at least price jump to 32 isn't too much compared to other tablets and microsd card allows more to be added great!
  • Design and form factor For me the 9" screen with the 'book' width works well great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Is a great size and weight, although not pocket sized it light enough not to bother you great!
  • Durability seems good so far but will be getting case good
Detailed review
was looking for an 8 inch tablet as finding my old archos 70it a bit small, but struggled to find anything suitable. Then B&N announced the HD+ coming to the UK so was an easy choice(esp once xda guys had confirmed it could be rooted and had a custom ICS ROM booting). So far very impressed but do not use the stock B&N ROM which I did find a bit light in colouring plus their app store needs to improve as not as rich as googles.