September 26th 2012 1:27 am


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by groovechicken

Mobile Equals Slavery
(thoughts on Android, CyanogenMod, and mobile devices)
[see the meta article for the back story on this series of articles -]
The word "mobile" implies a sense of freedom... to move about and go where you like. I quickly discovered in my efforts to separate from Google that this is the only freedom you actually get with your mobile devices if you intend to use a cellular service provider. Sure, carry... Read more →

by peter

Why I'm not buying an iPad mini
I'm not sure I want to get into the habit of always writing about why I'm not buying something, but since a few people have asked -- and since I wrote something similar about the Nexus 7 ( -- I thought I'd share why I'm not buying an iPad mini.
It boils down to one reason: the screen. At 163 PPI, it's just not good enough.
Now, I may have felt differently if I didn't already own a Retina iPad (PPI = 264), but the screen on the... Read more →

by marc

Which tablet will dominate sales this holiday season?
This holiday season is shaping up to be an epic battle for tablet manufacturers, with Apple's 4th-gen iPad and iPad mini competing against the Asus Nexus 7 and Samsung Nexus 10, Amazon's Kindle Fire HD, Barnes & Noble's Nook HD, and Microsoft's Surface RT, among others. With so many options, including some good tablets for under $200, will Apple be able to retain its market supremacy -- and if you're in the market for a tablet right... Read more →