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  • Display / readability It's readable, the glow makes it usable at night. However I wouldn't go as far as to call the display 'sharp'. good
  • Battery life Good so far. Time will tell. good
  • Store and selection of titles Barnes and Noble store already has a ton of titles, but the support for ePub really puts this ahead of the pack good
  • Ease of use Extremely simple to use. I have had no confusion at all with it's UI. good
  • Document support No comments
  • Storage capacity Only 2 gigs, which is pretty decent considering we're just talking about books. But it has an SD Slot to expand on it. great!
  • Durability Haven't thrown it at a wall, but it feels sturdy even though it's extremely light. good
  • Design and form factor Very comfortable in the hand. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Good size all around, very light, excellent battery life- all of this leads to excellent portability great!
Detailed review
The real question is, why get the Nook Glowlight instead of the Kindle Paperwhite?
  • Expandable memory. The Nook has an SD card slot so I will never worry about running out of space.
  • No ads. I don't want ads on my lock screen, or anywhere else. This thing costs more than $100, I don't want to see Nike coupons on my lock screen. Yes, I can have those removed on the Kindle, but that's an additional $15.
  • Wall charger. Perhaps this is old-school, but I like plugging my devices into a wall to charge. It's fast and simple and doesn't require a computer. Yes, Amazon has an adaptor for the Kindle but it's an additional $10.
  • Weight, comfort. The Nook just feels very comfortable in the hand compared to the Kindle. I think Amazon went more for style on this, but if you hold an e-reader for hours comfort is more important.
  • ePub. Supporting an open format means you have more options for books, not less. Yes Amazon's store is impressive, but between ePub and B&N's store, I haven't been hurting for books.