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  • Display / readability Not the equal of Amazon's latest Paperwhite display. However, the addition of the GlowLight is most welcome. good
  • Battery life Seems fine. Days of use for me are similar to what I was getting with the original NOOK when it was new. good
  • Store and selection of titles Not the equal of Amazon. so-so
  • Ease of use I actually prefer the feel and controls to those of Amazon's latest ereaders. great!
  • Document support B&N owns eReader.com. Unlike my first gen NOOK, this NOOK won't read .PDB files. B&N will migrate your library now if you opt in, but some titles are excluded. poor
  • Storage capacity 32GB of expansion storage is plenty for an ereader. One wishes that expansion wasn't necessary in the first place . . . good
  • Durability No comments
  • Design and form factor Feels great in the hand. The UI is still on the quirky side. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Dimensions are fine, but it feels noticeably heavier than my Amazon ereader. good
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This has been one of my worst upgrade experiences ever. The bulk of my ebook library (now over a decade old) is in .pdb. While I've seen claims that I can download ePub files from eReader.com, I haven't been able to do so; and there has been no help from either eReader.com or BN.com. I could have purchased one of Amazon's new lighted ereaders, but wanted to support the relatively open ePub file format, and went with the NOOK. Too bad B&N/eReader.com won't support me . . . and remember . . . B&N owns eReader.com!

UPDATE: B&N is offering to migrate the libraries of eReader.com and fictionwise users. However, there are exclusions for magazines (perhaps "just" limited to subscriptions) and some books (due to loss of distribution rights). I will update as I learn or experience more.

If you only buy from B&N.com, then I'm sure this is a more than satisfactory ereader. However, be warned. B&N support sucks.
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