May 24th 2011 12:47 pm

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by Ferdinando

NOOK Simple Touch Backup
Hi everyone,

My name is Ferdinando and I live in Italy. I'm looking for a backup of the Nook (about 1.86 GB) beacuse I formatted mine and can't be restored without backup.
I know doing that I wont be albe to use B&N shop again but I don't care, I don't use Wi-Fi neither.
Thanks in advance for everyone who will be so kind to give me the backup. Please help me.

by Binaryman

Reset Nook Simple Touch to firmware 1.0
A BIG thanks to
who posted the following solution. It works. If you have trouble connecting to wifi with NooK Simple Touch, going back to firmware 1.0 may be the answer.
If you do not have a backup of 1.0, 8 interrupted boot processes
will initiate factory reset. Personally, I have had to make it
20+ times before I got it right; in the end my Nook touch(1.0.1 updated)
rolled back to 1.0.
The button on the back of Nook touch is the... Read more →

by jmcphers

Why I chose the Kindle Touch over the Nook Simple Touch and Kobo Touch
I have seen a few reviews comparing these e-readers. Which one comes out on top depends on what the reviewer decided to focus on. I thought I'd share how I chose the Kindle Touch over competing touch screen e-readers:
Audio support

The Kindle supports audio books, text-to-speech, and music while you read. It's nice to be able to block out the world with some music while I read (without juggling multiple devices).
Wire-free library loans
The Kindle doesn't require sideloading files to get books from... Read more →

by pinoyhatdog

Amazon Kindle Touch or B&N Nook Simple Touch?
This holiday season I'm planning to get into the e-ink reader fun, and I'm looking for a simple one to use - an important aspect for me because I also plan to get one as a gift for my 80 year old grandma who is still quite the avid reader who's running out of book shelf space.

Why do you think would be a better buy (with special consideration that the device would be used by an not so tech-inclined elderly individual).