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79 March 5th 2012 3:41 pm

Compared to its main competitor, Amazon's Kindle Fire, the Nook is the clear winner, thanks in part to expandable memory, a better display, and a UI that's more similar to that of a traditional Android tablet. But as prices begin to drop for full-featured 7-inch tablets, you may be able to get a lot more tablet for just a little more cash.

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Engadget Nov 21, 2011

You get some decided advantages ... including more RAM, great video, a microSD slot and attention paid to smaller things, like the built-in mic, which lets users do things like recording narration for kids books.

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PC Mag Nov 18, 2011

Although the Nook Tablet is very good—a four-star product—it's essentially flanked by that pair of $200 devices, with the Nook Color offering the same excellent reading experience, and the Kindle Fire, which is superior on apps and multimedia.

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TechCrunch Nov 17, 2011

Although there are some odd UI choices and frustrations, everything is in its right place. It is, in short, a perfectly slimmed down Android tablet masquerading as an ereader – something many will prefer over Kindle Fire’s obviously service-oriented approach.

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CNET Nov 16, 2011

With more storage and a growing app store, the Nook Tablet is a worthy--albeit slightly more expensive--competitor to the Kindle Fire.

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Ars Technica Nov 23, 2011

I have less doubt about the Nook Tablet as a capable product than I did about the Kindle Fire. The experience is not frustrating or jagged and doesn't feel as unfinished. Indeed, it is more intuitive, and the device is more responsive. ... I do have some doubts about the value of the Nook ecosystem.

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Gizmodo Nov 17, 2011

If you're looking for a sub-$300 device, have already dropped a fair amount of money building a Nook library and don't already have the Nook Color, this is a no brainer. The Nook Tablet is a very capable device that will suffice for 90% of the tablet-using population.

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PC World Nov 15, 2011

Though the Nook Tablet lacks the flexibility of a full-featured tablet, it excels at reading, and it offers a smattering of solid streaming media services. For those reasons alone, the Nook Tablet edges out the Kindle Fire, by a hair.

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TechRadar Aug 7, 2012

From the meager app offerings to the clunky UI and cumbersome build, it's a device that feels significantly older than it really is at this point.

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Suzed Suzed

The ONLY thing I dislike about my Nook Tablet is the stupid email client. It keeps reloading your emails after you delete them when you get new email. Also, there is no way to delete the trash folder except one by one. That gets so tedious when the thing keeps reloading the same emails over and...

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electrodude1029 electrodude1029

The Nook Tablet is AWESOME. My overall opinion of the product is that it is an amazing, lightweight, durable device, perfect for any student. If you want something for work that you can type on and do that kind of stuff, get an ipad. The Nook can support many files and is way, way more crisp...

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jshill78 jshill78

I considered this a must have device when I bought it. When rooted it still has that must have flavor. I wish I didn't have to do the rooting to make this a useful tablet. Under stock UI, it's just not where it should be. The idea of coding a UI that it less powerful/robust than the stock UI...

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trout18 trout18

This is a good hardware device being severly limited by bad business policy. Be careful of reviewers reviewing this product before the middle of December 2011. Forced software "upgrades" has severly limited this product after that time. Wasn't a nice Christmas Surprise. If looking for a true...

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gwgorham gwgorham

Again, this lightweight light duty tablet is great for people who don't want a carrier bound tablet. With the office applications available, the new Dophin HD browser (MUST HAVE) and drop2sync (works with dropbox) and evernote, this is a solid tablet. The biggest point of frustration is the lack...

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SentientD SentientD

Long story short, don't buy this for the apps. Buy it for the books, the media consumption, the SD card slot, and the nice form factor. But if you are a heavy app user, STAY AWAY FROM THIS TABLET. You will be very sad.

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